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Nolan exhibits new works by contemporary artists and runs workshops on art practice for all ages.

 Current Exhibitions

Our Summer show focuses on abstraction in photography and painting. Works by Betty Nolan, Christina Palacios, Fred McCullough and Giles Hugo are in the front rooms, with a selection of prints and oils in the middle space.

Ken Cowell exhibition 2014 Light on the Bay 1 oil paint on canvas.jpg

Our Artists

Nolan Gallery shows contemporary art from all over Tasmania. Photography, assemblage, painting, prints and drawing are all shown and we hold regular public exhibitions where you can join us and meet our artists.

Art Tuition

Nolan School of Art hold regular weekly classes in art and ceramics for children and adults during the school terms. In holiday periods throughout the year you can study all types of art in a full day format for adults or short school holiday workshops for kids. If you would like to learn alone or in a small group, you can commission an art workshop from any of our expert tutors.