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Nolan exhibits new works by contemporary artists and runs workshops on art practice for all ages.



...is a great time to put some work out by all our gallery artists. This oil painting is St George and the Maiden, Betty Nolan's appropriation of a painting by Tintoretto. From the Adventures in Abstraction exhibition in 2018, the work is an exuberant celebration of colour and movement.


is our title for Dieter Hobeck's beautiful show of vintage street photography from the 1980s in Sydney. All analogue images, these 8 x 10s depict a rich world of political agitation, cultural richness and the lives of ordinary people. This exhibition will open on Friday October 4th at 6pm. 

A new term is underway

Term 3 begins Monday July 22nd for adults and children's classes. It is not too late to join. Book in the gallery or online.