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The Time Machine – Choosing an Aeon

AUD$1,650.00 each

Photographic print on acrylic mount, A0-84.11x107.37 cm,
Work can be ordered at A0, A1, A2 or A3 sizes on paper or on acrylic mount: Prices available on application.

As a child, I was enthralled by H.G. Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ and the 1960 film version. I read much SF, enthralled by  time travel — hence my dabblings in Cyber Punk imagery. If you could use a time machine, would you go forwards or back, and which aeon  would you choose?
Olympus OM-D/E-M5, Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95, polarising filter, diffused, cloudy daylight; @ f16, 1/30s ISO 400.

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Giles Hugo is a photographer, writer and journalist who first wielded a 35mm camera with intent in late 1968 in his native South Africa.

Working in newspapers there and in Swaziland taught him a range of photographic skills —shooting, developing and printing a photo in under 45 minutes, or less, and tackling any subject from portraits to beauty pageants, soccer, motor sport, boxing, ghetto jazz and rock musicians, and street life. Most of that was black and white work, with an occasional roll of slide film for special projects and artistic exploration. He upgraded through 35mm SLRs to Leica rangefinders and various lenses. He still enjoys using older lenses, mostly Leica and Canon, to explore subjects and qualities of light.