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AUD$775.00 each

Flame-worked soda lime and borosilicate glass, glass paints, preloved acrylic box, assembled 21cmH x 20cmW X 16cmD

We carry our baggage with us on a personal and global scale.This pre-loved container holds relics of times both ripe with promise and also of occasional bitter experience (sustaining and evoking memories even as the objects inside diminish or degrade). 

In creating this work I considered Georgia O’Keefe writing of “the strangle and the struggle”, Dylan Thomas raging against “the dying of the light” and also Greta Thunberg’s passion for action. 

It is a portable shrine, sacred metaphors to remind of what should be valued and what could be lost, both on a personal level and as a result of human-generated environmental change.

This work must be collected by the buyer from Nolan Gallery.

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Helene Boyer is a Launceston glass artist who sculpturally interprets nature through her combinations of flame worked and cast glass and found objects. She delights in creating small, delicate works that express the fine tradition of women's decorative arts.