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Our Lady of Disorderly Conduct

AUD$1,650.00 each

SOLD 50 x 40 cm oil on canvas

Some say the popular Mediaeval new year Feast of Fools began in pagan Rome to welcome the returning light after mid-winter. The Lord of Misrule turned the hierarchy on its head, jesters reigned; kings served. Beggars rode; lords grovelled. Everyone dressed extravagantly, danced and sang and disrupted church services, children demanded treats. All was mayhem and revelry. Then, having let off steam, they returned to their daily lives of drudgery, piety and obedience.

Artists are today's Lords and Ladies of Misrule, creators of glorious anarchy, enlivening everyday reality with intrigue, excitement and joy.

3cm × 40cm
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Elizabeth Barsham is a major Australian painter. There is no other painter like her in Tasmania and we are fortunate to host an artist of such unique vision and remarkable artistic tenacity.

Influences in her work are the usual Surreal precursors such as Bosch and Breughel followed by Dali, De Chirico, Tucker, Gleeson, Blade Runner and illustrated children’s books but her sublime oils technique and elegant drawing convinces us that these works are woven together in a remarkable world all her own.