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“Iris & Daisy Dreaming”

AUD$750.00 each

Flame-worked soda lime and borosilicate glass, glass paints, air dry clay, copper wire, found dome, assembled

With dome – 24cmH x 18cm W     Without dome – 18cm H x 12cm W

The “Botanica Vulnerablis” Series celebrates the vigour and fecundity of the diverse and extraordinary botanical forms to be found in our marine and terrestrial environments.  I create quasi scientific names for my imagined forms and capture the botanical sculptures under glass like the scientific specimen displays of the 19th century.
I seek to remind the viewer of the importance of botanical diversity and its vulnerability to mankind-generated change to climate and habitat.  This work must be hand collected from the Nolan Gallery

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Helene Boyer is a Launceston glass artist who sculpturally interprets nature through her combinations of flame worked and cast glass and found objects. She delights in creating small, delicate works that express the fine tradition of women's decorative arts.