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AUD$850.00 each

From the Stone Citizens Series, Red is the sensual answer to the question Bai Yilian poses ie in the face of certain mortality, how do we spend our time? Red clearly spends her time in the world of the body, sensually inviting us to join her in an apple (Lady in the Snow apples) and maybe even more. 

A1 unframed $850

11 in stock

Yilian Basser is a multi media artist, working across mediums such as painting, drawing, photography and performance art. Raised in a multicultural environment, Yilian and her work have roots in both Eastern and Western philosophy, without being limited by either.

Yilian's work is concerned with the dualities of existence and their eventual collapse into unity; everything and nothing, chaos and order, existence and non-existence. She explores the mythology of these dualities and their implications for the human psyche.