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Nolan exhibits new works by contemporary artists and runs workshops on art practice for all ages.

Current Exhibition

In the gallery we have an exhibition titled COAST, where Evelyn Antonysen, virtuoso watercolourist, interprets the splendid beaches, coves and marine vistas of Tasmania. Influenced by Japanese Sumi-e painting and Max Angus, her expressive works are both rhythmic and descriptive. Her opening is on the evening of August 31st at 6pm. She will also hold 2 workshops in September to pass on her knowledge. 


Next Exhibition

Our Sep/October exhibition will be new works by Tasmanian abstractionist, Betty Nolan. Called Adventures in Abstraction, these oil paintings are interrogations of the picture plane based on the artist's favourite painters, Tintoretto, Miro and Ernst. Betty will also show ceramic sculptures that examine the contemporary idea of the self as abstraction. This show opens on 6pm, Friday September 28th. 

Art Tuition

Nolan School of Art holds regular weekly classes in art, printmaking and ceramics for children and adults during the school terms. In September we have two workshops to accompany Evelyn Antonysen's watercolour show, COAST.

Saturday Sep 15 Rocky Surfaces and Stony Textures 1pm to 4pm

Sunday Sep 16  Expressive Watercolour in the Style of Max Angus 9.30 pm to 4.30 pm