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Blog No 3

November 09, 2015 at 5:27 AM

Well, it’s the ninth of November 2015 and all around there’s the rustle of Christmas. Traders are getting their stock ready for the coming rush, wrapping and packaging ordered and showcases full. In my place I look up and nine lights are out due to the surges in the Art Centre’s heritage power supply.  Time to upgrade the lighting to surge proof bulbs.  Lucky Bai Yilian’s exhibition is largely white. Sublimely painted, exquisitely drawn portraits of entities. The tea master and his son, her rock muso brother , the lovely mountain near her home, are all subjects for the honour of having their portrait done.  Friday night was the opening and it was crowded with well wishers, family and those curious about the performance by the artist in her Chinese robe and white face paint. It went well, with Hobart a clearly experienced audience for performance art. The tea ceremony was also a charming inclusion and 40 people joined the tea master on the tatami mats.

Sunday 15th is our children’s show upstairs in the Studio gallery. We will be showing our Steampunk Rainbow Machine movie, a piece we made in the centre’s courtyard as a fierce wind blew up a thunderstorm. Those believing in cause and effect could suspect that the rainbow machine was working as we were all soaking wet at the end. The film will show until the end of November.

We have a lot of children who come to us for after school classes. Our 16th Annual Children’s Exhibition is titled, A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOUR, and caps a year of work about colour. I think the nicest pieces are about children and their pets, sweet , naïve works that would make anyone smile. It will be a wonderful show.