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Blog No 6

March 22, 2016 at 6:00 AM

  Well it’s Autumn and the mellow fruitfulness is upon us as we approach Easter and the season of sticky buns and chocolate consumption (among other more serious things). We are soon to open our INK emerging print prize, April 1st, and excitement is mounting. We have printmakers from the North and the South of the state, a rich selection of print mediums and even a couple of energetic College students are part of the mix.


In the last month Briellen Feeney and Wesley John Harrison have co exhibited in THICKET, a thorny autobiographical show of bravura illustration and Neo Pop. I was at Unitas with Briellen and always admired her ability to integrate life and art, cosplay and fashion. These days both fine artists work in the tattoo industry, creating bespoke designs for the skin. They said that it was a pleasure to be able to make their work for themselves and their pieces demonstrate the sheer sensual pleasure of making art.

We have new jewellery from Jacqui Renton that is a major departure from her popular customary timber and silver range. The series is titled Fragments, and is a sculptural consideration of major moments in our lives such as becoming a mother or father, falling in love or friendship between those who are different. Charming work carried out in silver, bronze, brass and pearls, there are neckpieces, brooches and rings.

Sandra Miller, Launceston jeweller, has new silver pieces that are beautifully made for petite women. She is working on our new Killicrankie diamond (topaz) range. I can’t wait to see what she does.

Do come to see INK. It will run all through April into early May.