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Blog No. 2 - The Travails

September 27, 2015 at 5:05 AM


So I'm supposing it's a tradition of sorts to get a few things off your chest when blogging? Self indulgent no doubt, but what the hell!


  • Please take your sunglasses off. If you love art, it's best to be able to see it.
  • Please put your prescription glasses on. We're all aging, time to stop being vain and embrace the horrible truth.
  • Please don't make phone calls in the gallery. Yes, the reception may be better in our place but it's insulting to the artists whose work is on the wall to use the place as a phone booth. If your phone rings when you're in the gallery, step out into the foyer for your chat. Maybe even consider not taking the call.
  • Say hello to whoever is desk jockey on the day. Spread the love.
  • It is rarely possible to understand work by just looking at it. The artists' life may have parallels to your own or their philosophy could be inspiring. The best way to discover this is to share a few minutes talking to the staff. It's not all sales, lots of it is just sharing.


  • Openings are parties to celebrate the artist's work. Meet them, have a drink and listen to the speech. It's not necessary to always buy work but it's a fine thing to honour the artist and their hard work. They want to know what you think and their heart is on their sleeve (and the walls).
  • Talk to the arty crowd. Artists are fascinating and are there to network. You might meet someone whose work you love.


  • Come along to our openings and network. Always welcome as long as you don't leave with the red.
    Give me a card if you are interested in showing with us. I don't remember faces and exhibition openings are not good times to meet a gallerist as it's a party for someone else.
  • Introduce yourself to me if you want a chat and give me some way to look at your work. A dull image on a smartphone is not sufficient. A professional Facebook page is good.
  • Avoid denigrating the work on the walls as it's poor form.

So, bit of a self indulgent comment but, there you go, the glamorous life of a gallerist just about to enter the tourist season. Boatloads of visitors on their way, endless cries of I don't know much about art but I know what I like and 6 shows to hang between now and Christmas.

Wouldn't miss it for anything.